‘Ultra Violet for Sixteen Minutes’: 16:00 – Documentary.

“Totally engaging.” – Albert Maysles. Ultra Violet, former Warhol “superstar,” member of Salvador Dali’s intimate inner circle, and a significant artist herself, speaks of her life and of her rebirth. After breaking off an affair with painter Ed Ruscha, Ultra Violet finds herself clinically dead and seeking God’s forgiveness. Her spirit returns to her body, and she soon becomes a born-again Christian, then Mormon. In this film, she poses for a contemporary screen-test and speaks on her life, fame, and the relationship of art and religion, of artists and divine messengers. Includes photographs from her past and Andy Warhol’s screen-test of Ultra Violet from the 1960’s. Directed by David Henry Gerson. Edited by Dov Yellin. 16:00. Documentary Short. D>C> Independant Film Festival March 13 1PM

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