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by Brian Friel
directed by Ciarán O’Reilly
Limited Engagement – 
Through November 25th Only!

Brian Friel's The Freedom of the City at The Irish Repertory Theatre
Check out this video for a behind-the-scenes look.

Set in Derry, Northern Ireland during the aftermath of a civil rights meeting, THE FREEDOM OF THE CITY 

revolves around an inquiry into the shooting by British soldiers of three marchers as they emerged from the Guildhall. As the inquiry continues, with testimony from ‘expert’ witnesses, the play relives the real events that led to its institution. 
Cara Seymour as Lily, James Russell as Michael
When the police disrupt the peaceful protest, three unarmed strangers, Lily, a middle-aged mother of 11, and Michael and Skinner, two young men, take refuge from the streets and find themselves inexplicably in the Mayor’s Parlor. As the three settle in to the Lord Mayor’s opulent office, word spreads about the “occupation” of the Guildhall. 

Joseph Sikora
Joseph Sikora as Skinner

The motley trio is transformed into a band of armed and desperate terrorists, a fiction that is taken up by the church, the media, the army, and nationalist balladeers, all of whom use the myth for their own diverse ends.

Wed 3pm & 8pm | Thu 7pm | Fri 8pm
Sat 3pm & 8pm | Sun 3pm

Tickets: $65 or $55 or 212-727-2737

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