Their host is the splendid nonconformist Fefu (Amelia Workman), a vision in a Louise Brooks bob and tawny banker’s vest, who shocks some of her guests with her swaggering riotousness. She provocatively calls women “repulsive,” though she then explains that she’s fascinated by the “underneath” of things where the slimy insects live. And her favorite game is to fire a shotgun at her unseen husband, who then must fall down wherever he is. It’s a blank cartridge, Fefu thinks, though who can be sure? “He’s up!” she cries merrily, looking down the lawn, after the thunderclap of the gun. If Workman hadn’t taken the part, their second choice was probably the ghost of Katherine Hepburn.

Fefu and her friends has been extended til 12/12 Theater for a New Audience