Monsterland/Roberta Colindrez Oct 2

Plainfield, Illinois

Starring Taylor Schilling as Kate Feldman and Roberta Colindrez as Shawn Greene, “Plainfield, Illinois” has a wonderful sense of tonal rhythm and the best love story in Monsterland season 1 on Hulu. Directed by Logan Kibens (Snowfall) and the aforementioned Pesce, the narrative centers on a female couple who clash after 15 years together. Whereas Shawn keeps a corporate job and appears to be emotionally-balanced, Kate struggles with suicidal thoughts and eventually makes a fateful decision that essentially fractures the mind of her partner. “Plainfield, Illinois” examines the horrors of domestic routines, and keeps the audience off-guard by introducing a gore element while staying true to the existing relationship drama. “Plainfield, Illinois” is a mash-up of sub-genres that takes the narrative to a supremely dark place, only to settle on a message of hope. Streamers will recognize Schillling from various roles – and she delivers a spectacular performance, but it’s Colindrez who steals the show in Monsterland season 1’s best episode as the deeply complex character Shawn.