Roberta Colindrez filming ERIC in Europe following the popular premier of Cassandro @ Sundance

García Bernal is no stranger to iconic queer film roles (Bad Education and Y tu mamá también have long cemented his adeptness in the canon), but fans of queer Mexican American media will be thrilled to see other familiar faces in hefty supporting roles. Roberta Colindrez (VidaA League of Their OwnI Love Dick) claims second billing as Sabrina, the trainer and fellow wrestler who challenges Saúl to explore his exótico potential, and Raúl Castillo (We The AnimalsLooking, also Vida) is Saúl’s closeted, married lover who can’t reconcile his longing for Saúl with Cassandro’s rising stardom. While Castillo is always magnetic and soulful, Colindrez and García Bernal’s chemistry sings with the most possibility.

The Netflix limited series “Eric” starring Benedict Cumberbatch has filled out its main cast, Variety has learned.

Variety exclusively reported that Cumberbatch would star in the six-episode series in January. He will now be joined by: Gaby Hoffmann, McKinley Belcher III, Dan Fogler, Clarke Peters, Ivan Morris Howe, Phoebe Nicholls, David Denman, Bamar Kane, Adepero Odyue, Alexis Molnar, and Roberta Colindrez.