Great news from Erica Fae and her film TO KEEP THE LIGHT

Great news from Erica Fae and her film TO KEEP THE LIGHT:

“congrats wes cardino!!
on his win for BEST FEATURE CINEMATOGRAPHY at the las vegas film festival!!!
we are so thankful for his gorgeous work on the film, so proud of him,
and delighted to celebrate the first award for the film.

also on the horizon are more festivals!
coming up are MARFA (july), WOODS HOLE (august), PORT TOWNSEND (september),
ST LOUS INT’L (november, we’ve been invited to the New Filmmakers’ Forum!)…
and 3 others we can’t yet announce.
stay connected via facebook, or our website
and spread the word!!

erica & all of TKTL”


Erica Fae Film Premiers

From Orlando Weekly

To Keep the Light
(88 minutes; 3 stars)
showtimes: 4:15 p.m. Saturday, April 9, Regal Winter Park Village A; 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 12, Enzian

To Keep the Light

  • To Keep the Light

First-time writer-director Erica Fae’s To Keep the Light is a quietly mesmerizing look at the lonely life of a lighthouse keeper’s wife who is struggling with her daily duties – and her sanity – while caring for her sick husband in 19th-century Maine. When a mysterious stranger washes up on shore, she is forced to confront both her past and her future.

Shot much like a haunted-house thriller, the film takes on an Ingmar Bergman feel in the second half. Though it offers few surprises once its twist is revealed, its beauty and confidently methodical pacing – not to mention a solid performance by Fae herself – make it one of the better offerings in the Narrative Features competition. It doesn’t utilize the rich Downeast New England dialect as much as it could, but it nevertheless captures the feel of the period and, in keeping with many other films at the festival, features an interesting feminist theme. – Cameron Meier


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We are happy to announce that TO KEEP THE LIGHT will premiere this April at two festivals: Florida Film Festival (in the Narrative Features Competition) and Nashville Film Festival (in the New Directors Competition).

Indiewire and Moviemaker have long been fans of Florida Film Festival, including it on the list of the “Coolest Festivals in the World”.

Nashville Film Festival is one of the oldest festivals in the South, named “One of the Best Film Festival Prizes” by Film Festival Today and a top pick of Moviemaker.






















We’re thrilled to begin showing our film to audiences at such warm and great festivals!

And there’s a sweet article that came out recently that contextualizes Erica’s work nicely.  Check it out!

And lastly, BRAVO to all who worked on the film!!!  Raise a glass to toast it’s opening, and here’s to more great news soon!



Watch trailer on Vimeo.


Erica Fae’s website





After a wildly successful premiere at 59E59 Theatres,
garnering CRITICS’ PICKS in both The New York Times and Backstage
by Erica Fae and Jill A. Samuels
returns for 6 shows only as part of the undergroundzero festival


at The Living Theatre at 21 Clinton St.
July 18-21 at 7:30pm
July 21 also at 4pm
July 22 at 5pm

“a psychological thriller about the woman’s suffrage movement… riveting… powerful” – The New York Times
“it’s scope is huge… brings (Alice) Paul to life with a light touch and intelligent humor” – The New Yorker
“filmic staging and virtuosic performance… engaging and visceral from start to finish” – Huffington Post
“Samuels has directed with imaginative daring, and Fae embodies Alice in an impressive performance… a theatrically poetic evocation” – Backstage
“a brilliant docudrama” – Theatremania

for more info visit:


October 7 – 23


Script by Erica Fae & Jill A. Samuels

Directed by Jill A. Samuels

The (too) little-known (true) story of how American women fought for and won the right to vote. Inspired by and composed in the words of Alice Paul, the National Woman’s Party, and documents of their time.

Performed by Erica Fae, Nathan Guisinger, Kiki Bowman, David Riley, and Taavo Smith

Video Design: Tal Yarden
Sound Design: Kristin Worrall
Costume Design: Alixandra Gage Englund
Lighting Design: Alison Brummer

Developed, in part, at IRT Theater, our new neighbor in the Archive Building.

Click here to buy tickets via Click here to buy tickets via