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The Manhattan space the Tank has gone virtual with CyberTank, where emerging theater-makers can show their moxie. Among the most intriguing programs is a Zoom version of the established Rule of 7×7 series, in which seven writers come up with one rule each (past examples: “bright sunshine”), then must use them all in 10-minute plays. The next installments are Friday and Saturday, May 22-23 and June 4, all at 8 p.m. Sign up at if you want to write, direct or act.

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Major funding support announced for

We are thrilled to announce that Artistic Director Melissa Moschitto and The Anthropologists have been awarded an NYC Women’s Fund grant for the World Premiere of No Pants In Tucson in 2021.

Drawing upon actual U.S. state laws, The Anthropologists’ newest play is a subversive physical comedy propelled by America’s obsession with regulating the female body. We were initially inspired to create this play after learning about city ordinance #44 from Tucson, Arizona, that was passed on this very day, 137 years ago. The 1883 ordinance stated that any person who appeared “in a dress not belonging to his or her sex” was subject to a fine or imprisonment in the county jail.

This ordinance was commonly interpreted to mean that women could not wear pants. 

U.S. state laws are filled with policy restricting bodily autonomy – most often that of women. With ongoing legal attacks on reproductive and transgender rights happening right now, there is no better time to be producing No Pants In Tucson

Thanks to the significant support from the NYC Women’s Fund, we will be able to ensure the World Premiere in 2021.
Until then, we are continuing to develop the play with an incredible team of women artists, innovating a digital devising process and building powerful partnerships to bring these stories to life.  With gratitude,Melissa Moschitto & The Anthropologists

p.s. we have yet to find any evidence that Ordinance #44 has been stricken from the books.
Additional funding for the development and production of
NO PANTS IN TUCSON has been granted by the Dime Community Bank Fund (a program of A.R.T./NY) and The New York State Council on the Arts.
We are grateful recipients of a Dime Community Bank Fund grant, a program of the Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York (A.R.T./New York).As members of A.R.T./New York since 2017, we have benefited deeply from their professional training programs, access to consultants and partnerships within the field. 

The mission of this grant is to ensure every artist has a chance to tell their story.”

This funding will be used, in part, to create a new position for No Pants collaborator Alexandra Kumala. As Creative Partner – Programming & Partnership, she will be working with us to build connections with non-profit organizations whose missions align with the themes of our play and to develop dynamic performance-related programming.

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Tuesday, May 5 at 5PM – Tina Satter, director of IS THIS A ROOM, and actress Emily Davis join Billie Winner-Davis, Reality Winner’s mother, in conversation about the show, and what has happened to Reality Winner since her arrest, including her current clemency petition. IS THIS A ROOM was recently nominated for four Lortel Awards including Outstanding New Play, Outstanding Director, and Outstanding Leading Actress.

Stay Healthy

Masks or Face Coverings Required Statewide by April 17
What had previously been a best practice will soon be a legal obligation, as Governor Cuomo announced a new Executive Order to require masks or face coverings whenever in public or in a situation where six-foot social distancing cannot be maintained (such as on public transportation or at the grocery store). The CDC urges people to avoid using medical-quality masks that should be reserved for healthcare workers and other frontline workers. We are encouraged to use a cloth (like a handkerchief) which covers both our nose and mouth. The new requirement will go into effect on Friday, April 17.
I believe this is an important public health practice, but I am very concerned about what is evidently a nationwide shortage of masks. I am also concerned that wearing face coverings will give people a false sense of security that they are protected from COVID-19 when in fact they still need to be careful about what they touch.
Most severely, there are many essential workers who do not currently have access to personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks. I am loathe to sound like a broken record, but the acquisition, production, and distribution of PPE on a national scale requires the active participation and support of the federal government. It is heartbreaking to hear so many people worried for themselves or their loved ones who are going work and don’t have access to sufficient equipment to keep themselves as safe as can be.
The CDC has provided instructions on how you can make your own cloth face covering here.
The precise language of Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order has not been posted yet, but here is the relevant press release for more context here.