Keith Michaeul Pinault: LADY PARTS is live!

From Keith’s blog:

“After a summer’s worth of intense work on the part of producer/writer/director/leading lady Katrina Day, Lady Parts: The Webseries has finally been released to the world in all its snarky feminist glory!

For those who haven’t been following Lady Parts, let me catch you up: In early 2014, fed up with the blatant (and not-so-blatant) sexism she continually encountered in casting breakdowns, actress/writer Katrina Day started a blog called Some Lady Parts to call attention to this phenomenon and provide other frustrated female actors like herself a place to commiserate. The blog went viral, getting attention from established outlets like Elle, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and BUST Magazine – even Radio New Zealand! Katrina decided she’d turn this buzz into an opportunity for herself and some other talented young women to create their own work, and after a very successful crowdfunding campaign, Lady Parts: The Webseries was born. In her own words: “Lady Parts is a new feminist comedy about young female actors, the sexist nonsense they encounter on the job, and the moments that push them to stand up and fight back against it. One part sketch comedy, one part pop-culture criticism, all served up with a healthy dose of snark, Lady Parts is a look at the situation on the ground in the trenches of the entertainment industry.”

When Katrina approached me about playing the role of “Katrina’s” hapless but well-meaning significant other, Joel, I jumped at the chance to both share the screen with a good friend and to support this important project. And the results are excellent! You can watch the whole first season on YouTube below – I’m in the first and the final episodes, so you’ll just have to binge watch all 10 to catch me! If you like what you see, give Lady Parts some love on their blog or YouTube channel, and stay tuned for Season Two!”